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DevOps Gems from our toolbox

We use a set of tools in our work and there are devops related things we should take a note of here is the collection of findings

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Gitpod Sharing catch

Gitpod workspace sharing was a reason for us to choose this in-browser IDE this allows us to work together and do pair programming with vendors and someone in the team.

But there are problems we were able to spot when using it and found someone else who also did have the same issue and described it well:

For example when others are working on your workspace, there's no indicator at all. If they start a dev server, you won't know it until you want to start it yourself and it says the port already used.

One useful use case is when asking your co-worker to fix something in their areas of work, instead of them having to go through setting up their workspace they just do the fix in your workspace.


We use it for collecting console dumps when errors on our Clients apps are happening, sometimes when installed and there is no traffic it's hard to understand is it our code not throwing any errors (highly unlikely) or Sentry is not installed properly (highly likely) and below are the ways I found on Stack Overflow


DB management tools

Normally we use DBEAVER which is great and free tool, however something more slick for MacOS was tempting and we consider switching to -

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