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Blazing fast Headless eCommerce Storefront

Cross-platform SEO-friendly, high-performance storefront fully integrated with Shopify, BigCommerce and Swell.
Improve performance and conversion start with all features included free forever plan, no credit card required.

With B2Storefront you can use Any theme on top of Any platform.

Headless eCommerce platform giving unprecedent freedom of expression allowing any HTML template being used with platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce and other to come.

shopify headless ecommerce solution
full integration
headless storefront for bigcommerce
full integration
headless storefront for swell
full integration
headless magento solution
work in progress
headless ecommerce platform

Not only for mobile, robust on each device

Responsiveness and speed is very important speed affects conversion rates and at the end total cost of acquisition.

Everybody keep talking about mobile, yes it's important! But to taking care about customers user experience on mobile is not enough, loading time and overall experience should be robust on any device your customers using.

Start building
Extremely cost effective
No need of expensive developers to add more customizations

Each theme is amazing while sitting on Theme Store, but the moment you install it, you need to customize it, and here come costs, time and neverending compatibility issues. Not with headless commerce storefront.

You can convert any HTML into templates

Simply by adding attributes to the HTML elements you can add any new look&feel your store needs right now.

You can embed shoppable snippets

Vice-versa let's say you crafted a perfect editorial, long-read that just need a bunch of product snippets, that works too.

Your marketing team potential fully unlocked
Your SEO and Growth Marketing Specialists ideas would not face technical limits
free headless commerce platform
Unlimited custom looking landing pages

Yeah, content is the king they sain, produce more landing pages they telling, use story telling to engage customers they advising... well now you actually can do all of the above!

You decide about URL structure

Funny... platforms solved super complex issues, removed headaches of maintenance of infrastructure, security concerns but this simple thing like Custom URL paths is still an issue, but not anymore ;)

Run as many experiments as you need

What do you think about ability to output bunch of different looking product pages for A/B testing? OR a dedicated storefront for a special occasion or promo campaign?
With B2Storefront - Done aaand Done.

Full freedom of extensions
Any 3rd party extension your team needs to rock

Platforms are great, plugins are awesome! Sometimes dealing with plugins available in the Plugins Store is a nightmare. With B2Storefront headless commerce you can implement any additional 3rd party app integration without risk of loosing performance, unsolvable conflicts with other plugins headache...

In case you need something special, we always here to help and will be able to develop advance integrations or required automations for your store.

Lets talk

Who will benefit from switch to Headless Shopify Storefront and who will not?


You have Designer

You working with a freelance designer and want to stand out from the crowd? How much times you were required to give up on some cool concepts just because it was expensive or difficult/not possible to implement? Not anymore!


You have Marketing Spend

You already spend money on marketing through in-house team or hired agency and need to move faster.


You have Tech budget

You already working with a freelancer or have yourself tech background or getting some support from the marketing agency on that field and need things to move faster and be more cost effective.


You are Making first steps

If you currently just starting your journey in the business and looking for a product with market fit, it's best to keep budget for Ad spend. Trust us, Facebook and Google will gracefully take any amounts of your money ;)

How Platform + Headless Commerce CMS project steps look like

Full Design Freedom

Any design is possible, literally any idea, and we will then turn it into a Responsive Template. Boost the shopping-experience with great ideas. No limits. You can amaze your shoppers, by creating best multi channel ecommerce site ever.

Platform Integration

Your unique design is implemented on top of a platform of choice, no cutting of corners, no platform enforced compromises. Your selling platform finally will be customer-based.

SEO Black Magic

Tracking pixels, custom markup adjustments for SEO, measurements, A/B testing, everything your growth ninjas need.

Production Launch

NewRelic, Sentry, bugs monitoring, everything to make your operations smooth, and your growth unstoppable. Integrate payment system (paypal etc.), order management, create mobile ecommerce.

Our main principle Do not reinvent the wheel


Fast Time to Market

Use platforms that build trust among industry to launch fast.


No Platform Lock

Don't wait for an app or theme to appear on the marketplace. You own the code.

Jumpstart with our feature-packed Free Headless Shopify Storefront Boilerplate.

Unlike other solutions on the market we are not proposing you to use a community edition open source edition with very limited amount of features totally not prepared to real life usage - our headless ecommerce boilerplate have 24 views and deep integrations with platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce so you not only able to setup your store right away but also choose a platform you like most!
See it in action

headless shopify theme boilerplate
Carefully crafted experiences

Feature-packed robust and SEO friendly

Currently, it's super important for both conversion rate optimization and SEO purposes to load user experiences blazing fast. While demand for online shopping is rising efficiency is still a problem customers expect ecommerce solutions, which will load and render faster.

Available on Shopify and BigCommerce
Fully integrated with popular ecommerce platforms

Our goal is to provide full flexibility and control, making all web store features available for online business while adding more flexibility.

Full customization & flexibility
You can put to work literally any ecommerce templates

Any available static HTML template for eCommerce can be integrated in a quick turnaround giving unprecendense freedom for creatives. We will take care of the back-end, delivering you custom ecommerce website that fits your business needs.

Super cost-effective
Using headless you taking best from both worlds

No need to reinvent the wheel! Use Storefront on reliable ecommerce platforms with no maintenance headache WITHOUT giving up benefits of a custom solution.

Your SEO team will be amazed
Any SEO team idea, no limits, seriously!

Finally, you can unleash all the creative power of not only designers but also your growth hackers. Landing pages, specific markup, 3d cart it's all here! Simplify your actions by using our saas solution. Your online-store will be engine optimized as never before.

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