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Full freedom of crafting custom experiences
We built Headless Storefront to empower customizations

While platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce giving great features creating unique customer experiences through themes remains a challenge and instead of giving out to market a rough blocks we decided to build fully functional feature packed Headless Storefront that offers deep integration with each platform (our product is available for Shopify and BigCommerce, more to come).

You have full access to code

The best possible way of working with software - have access to source code, you and your tech team will be able to modify everything

Freedom of integrations

Platforms giving safety net and SLA backed hosting for Orders processing, Storefront giving unlimited posibilities for 3rd party integrations.

We created a free functional Shopify Headless Storefront with ton of features, you can start crafting experiences for your customers right away.
Server Side Rendered

Content is the king, the best way to deliver content is static html pages, it's fast, it's secure, it's scalable, it's future.

Rich starter featureset

We don't show you fancy demo with products which have no options, no additional photos, no content basically, our starter pack is fully functional set of features that allow to meaningfully start with development

You pay only for value

Our pricing model is open and transparent, we don't try to lock you on hosting options, we show cost of dev/support hours upfront to avoid any surprizes


Crutial ones are built-in and we working on delivering more of them, btw using Headless Storefront is entirely set you free from Platforms App Stores and you can implement whatever specific 3rd party integration you want

Headless Shopify Storefront
by B2Storefront
  • Deep integration with platform features
  • Editable content from Shopify Admin Panel
  • Fully customized and coded 24 views
  • Wishlist, Compare Products, Purchase Orders input form
  • Rich widgets on the main page and category pages
  • Full access to the codebase
Jumpstart with Boilerplate

We believe that Power of platforms is in integrations

YotPo for Customer Reviews

We integrated YotPo customer reviews into B2Storefront to allow your store work with best in class Customer Review system

Google Tag Manager

This is must have tool that your SEO or Marketing team will ask for in the first second to unlock their ability to add necessary code

Google Analytics for eCommerce

Conversion tracking is built in and every transaction you can see captured in google analytics as well.

Many more to come...

Suggest us what is on top of your mind and what we should prioritize next, we eager to know what is most important for your business

Our goal is to integrate with top B2C and B2B eCommerce platforms.

  • 100% production ready

  • 100% production ready

  • work in progress

  • planned, upvote

  • planned, upvote

  • planned, upvote

  • planned, upvote

  • planned, upvote

  • let us know about your platform

See in action

Watch video walkthrough of our FREE feature packed Shopify Headless Storefront Boilerplate, you can use to start crafting experiences for your customers right away.

We put here some fine print because everybody in B2B world are used that there should be a catch, so basically there is no catch, it's open code, you will get access to the clone of repository, demo shopify store and Netlify account where your Storefront is hosted. And you would be able to kick tires with development immidiately using your freelance tech-dude or yourself, or by buying from us some reasonably priced (and super cheap compared to hourly rates in Shopify world) dev/support hours.

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