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Ooh yeah headless is awesome let's take a look on:

Benefits of Headless Storefront

Iterate fast without breaking things.
Headless architecture allow to develop new features exactly in the specific place where customers need them most without risking stability of entire system.

You don't need to wait when Platform will implement new feature or will fix specific issue that prevents you from crafting your unique desired customer experience flow. You don't need to wait when Theme developers will release new blocks or fix some browser or performance issues, you don't need to wait until plugin developers will release fixes or add features you and your customers need NOW! You don't need to wait!

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Headless deliver benefits to all verticals
Unlock the Headless Advantage Across These Key Business Areas
Operations You can stitch multiple systems your business uses together to streamline operations. ERP? Accounting?
Yes you can!
Don’t see features you need in App Store?

With Headless Storefront you can implement, or change the way specific 3rd party solution is being used. Improve on your own schedule.

Development Don't limit yourself to the specific range of available themes, now any HTML is possible to be implemented and placed to work for your business.
Cut development costs and expand available talent pool any Front end developer is now able to help

Same way Storefront is removing the limitation on Shopify Themes it is removing limitations on talent pool that available to work on your business tech challenges.

Marketing It's important to stand out from the crowd of similar looking shops, it's hard to achieve and any second spend on road to marketing success is a very expensive time. Cut your time-to-market for ALL marketing experiments
Content is the king? Storytelling is the key?

Allow your marketing and SEO teams to perform on top level of their skillset, create custom crafted user journeys, engaging content and convert more customers. Cost of Acquisition is rising! Don't waste your potential with sloppy toolbox!

About Company
Customer Satisfaction Yeah that is important, they need to be happy to become loyal customers and mission of any merchant is to achieve it as efficient as possible.
What makes Clients happy?

Engaging content, compelling product presentation pages, smooth customer service and overall operations is a default must with a quick shipping times. But to get deeper they need to see it first so loading time is crucial, Technical SEO to be able to be discovered is crucial, Performance is crucial, otherwise all the efforts will remain in the shadow of a slow performing system that prevent customers to go deeper.

Let's demistify some fake cons about headless.


It will NOT cost more.

Going headless actually will cut your costs, simply because it's more devs who are familiar with ReactJS than dev's who work with Liquid and familiar with all necessary black magic required to produce Shopify customizable themes, it will drive hourly rate down not higher.


Requires Shopify Plus.
It works on any Shopify Plan.

Headless Storefront is fully functional on any plan through Shopify API, you don't need to overpay to use Shopify Plus to enjoy all the benefits headless ecommerce can offer.


Problems with Previews.
It's the same as Shopify...

Some articles would complain about lack of ability to preview the results in a WYSIWYG manner but let's be honest it's exactly same way if you don't use Storefronts and have classic approach with Themes, you either need external help to implement something specific or need to stick to the boring layouts you have.

Ok ok so how it works huh?
Let's take a look how real-world example of headless Shopify Storefront will look like
Our goal is to show that Headless eCommerce is not reserved only for enterprise level merchants with enormous budgets.
You will benefit from paid plan if:

You have initial traction, ad spend, and marketing efforts are at scale where you outsource or have a relationship with at least part time working freelancer for your Store tech needs. Basically think about B2Storefront as a time cutting booster for any of your development efforts.

You will benefit from free plan if:

You just starting and have some custom UX needs which can be achieved by Frontend dev freelancer one shot engagement so you will be able to bypass complexity of customizing Shopify themes and start selling as soon as possible while you really can't use neither of available Shopify Themes.

Free Shopify Headless eCommerce Boilerplate
  • Rich user experience and fully packed with options
  • It is actually usable full-size Storefront for your Shop
  • Deep integration with Shopify features, you can do a lot with it
  • All necessary for shopping experiences fully customized and coded views
  • No catches you have full access and own the code
Jumpstart with Boilerplate
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